I am Jaakko Mustakallio, chairperson for the green youth of Finland and the vice-chairman of the city of Tampere. 

I am born and bred in Tampere.  I have a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Tampere. I currently work as an assistant in the Finnish parliament for the MP Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, a chairperson the Green parliament group. 

The two adjectives often used to describe me are enthusiastic and productive. I wish to practice positive politics at both regional and national levels. I am in favour of strong collaboration across party boundaries, and putting people first. I practice politics in a responsible and earnest manner, however; I seek to avoid unnecessary severity.

Political activity

For me, the most important values are social equality as well as the better matching of work, entrepreneurship and social security. I believe that Finland’s future work positions rely on green economy and high quality education. Thus, politics should be looked at by considering long-term effects rather than short-term benefits.

The welfare state offers everyone the chance to receive good education and services. This does not mean that the welfare state is ready as it is, but rather that there are several aspects left to develop. The mechanisms of market economy must only be used where they are well-advised.

Economic policy is at the core of all politics. I believe that the society must, through economic incentives, create a positive spin through which the ideas of economic growth and maintaining environmental sustainability do not exclude one another.

The operating culture of politics should be reformed to be more open. Politicians must keep in contact with the people and share their activities with the public between elections as well. Political secrecy and favoritism, such as political appointments made by the inner circle, should be made history.

My own interest in politics stems from a desire to change the course of our society towards economically, socially and ecologically sustainable solutions. In politics – both at the regional and global levels – matters must be resolved as large sets, providing solutions for a long period of time. Politics should be based on scientific knowledge rather than emotional arguments.

Career and studies

At the age of 15, I received my first professional experience by working as a self-employed gardener in my neighbourhood. After this, I have gained work experience in diverse tasks, including working as an assistant for the mentally disabled and as a teaching assistant for parish summer camps, working for McDonald’s and for the Metso Corporation, as well as working as an Insurance Advisor for a bank. 


Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Tel: +358 45 652 0589
Email: jaakko.mustakallio(a)vihreat.fi