I am running for parliament in Pirkanmaa with following themes.

  1. Mental health crisis – conquerable

Strengthening mental health must be at the center of all politics. Improving services alone is no longer enough; we need a cultural change that promotes mental well-being. We must reduce the mental burden in the workplace, schools, and society. We need immediate access to therapy, investment in psychiatric care, and more mental health professionals. With these actions inhumanely long waiting lists for treatment must be eliminated. Let’s bring preventive mental health measures to maternity clinics, schools, and social services.

  1. Loss of biodiversity – conquerable

Only we ourselves can stop the loss of biodiversity in Finland. Let’s protect endangered habitats, increase national parks, and double Finland’s nature reserves. Let’s combat the climate crisis by promoting emission-free energy, such as wind and solar power, and safe small-scale nuclear power plants. Let’s invest in energy efficiency and circular economy, which are in harmony with the environment. Let’s boost Finland’s exports with environmentally friendly solutions. Let’s promote sustainable mobility by adding local train stops and scrapping expensive, outdated projects such as the motorway in Puskiainen.

  1. Economic challenges – conquerable

We need reforms, not austerity measures, to balance the economy fairly. Let’s invest in education and research. Let’s encourage work by lowering income tax for low and middle-income earners, broadening the tax base, and raising environmental taxes without increasing the overall tax burden. Let’s eliminate the welfare trap in different life situations with a basic income. Let’s tackle the labor shortage in low-paying industries, such as the female-dominated care sector, by improving wages and working conditions. This will strengthen income security, well-being, and sustainable economic growth in Finland.

Why am I in politics?

Defending the welfare state drew me into politics. As a young person, I underwent major surgery and realized that the lack of quality public services could be fatal for any of us. I want everyone to have equal opportunities for a good life, regardless of their background. Secondly, we need to fix public mental health services and fertility treatments, so that more people can get help in time. I have personal experience with these challenges as well.

I have always been a nature lover, and being in nature is a significant part of my daily well-being. We must take better care of nature and the climate because they form the foundation for all life. I want to cherish Finnish expertise and support people’s industriousness. Let’s build a fair society and economy that creates a sustainable future.

”Difficulties are made to be conquered” reflects my way of doing politics. I am a doer who is not afraid to tackle challenges. I am not a single-issue politician, but I promote comprehensive solutions based on my values. I always do my job with strong dedication and commitment. Now I want to continue working for you in parliament.

The most important thing in the profession of a member of parliament is the ability and passion to make a difference 

Strong will and expertise are needed in the Parliament to ensure that speeches are followed by actions. I have successfully initiated several measures to improve mental health, nature, and everyday life in Pirkanmaa and Tampere:

  • Improvement of mental health services with a immediate access to therapy (implemented for those under 25)
  • Establishment of nature conservation areas at Hervannan Makkarajärvi and Kaukajärvi-Pitkäjärvi
  • Identification of a suitable location for a safe small nuclear power plant in Tampere
  • Securing Tampere’s frisbee golf center in Ruotula
  • Introducing mental health first aid courses in schools
  • Increasing public charging stations for electric cars
  • Joining the Mielenturvaa network for the Pirkanmaa welfare area and the city of Tampere
  • Tampere – the most student-friendly city in Finland program

Elect me to the Parliament to make an impact for you !

Jaakko’s facts:

  • Age: 35
  • Residence: Tampella, Tampere
  • Family: Engaged to MEP Alviina Alametsä
  • Previous elections: Jaakko received the most votes for the Greens in the January 2022 regional elections across the country
  • Education: Master of Science in Economics
  • Thesis on healthcare financing
  • Employment: Sustainability Specialist at Ellun Kanat, including project manager for the Mielenturvaa network
  • Military rank: Reserve Lieutenant
  • Positions of trust:
    • Vice Chairman of the Tampere City Council, member of the City Council since 2013
    • Member of the board of the Pirkanmaa Mental Health Association
    • Pirkanmaa welfare area councilor since 2022
    • Deputy Chairman of the Greens 2019-2021
  • Previous work experience:
    • Assistant to the parliamentary group leader
    • Executive director of a student organization
    • Assistant for people with developmental disabilities
    • Warehouse worker for Metso Minerals
    • Cashier at McDonald’s
  • Hobbies: Hiking, winter swimming, soccer, and frisbee golf. Culture and music lover. Jaakko has played the violin for 10 years.

Contact information:
045 652 0589