Let’s change the world – not our climate!

Welcome to the web page of Jaakko Mustakallio, a candidate in the parliamentary elections in Finland. At the moment Jaakko is the vice chair of Tampere city board and a city council member. He has a Master of Economics degree.

Change requires action. Particularly the last years have shown us that the future won’t be better if we do nothing. In this election we will change the direction of politics in Finland. Join me, together we can change the world!
-Jaakko Mustakallio

Jaakko’s main themes in the parliamentary elections of spring 2019 are

1. Stopping Climate Change

Climate change is a threat to everything we know and love. There is still hope, as the technologies and resources needed already exist. What is now needed is political will!
The solutions we need will at best lead to a world, in which material wellbeing is available to all without destroying the environment. Now we must secure the wellbeing of the humanity and our planet, as well as challenge the companies who make profit out of polluting.

That’s why:
– We must end excess loggings and save the swamps
– We must move traffic onto rails and increase the amounts of long and short distance trains and trams.
– We have to end any state support for environmentally harmful businesses at once, encourage people to eat more plant-based and give up fossil fuels by 2030.

2. The Best Education in the World to everyone

Everybody deserves the highest quality education in the world despite of where they live or their parents’ level of income or education. That is how we give everyone the best knowledge and skills to act in this changing world. Knowledge creates work and attracts new companies into our country.

We have to undo the short-sighted cuts into education made by the current government and recognise the intrinsic value of education and learning. With education, we can raise Finland into a new height, and at the same time prevent poverty, joblessness and social exclusion.

That’s why:
– We have to cancel the stupid cuts into education and add billion euros into education
– we must restore contact teaching to vocational schools
– we have to make early education free of any charges

3. Humanity and support in everyday life

Finland has to be a wellbeing state that looks into the future, betters equality, livelihood and wellbeing in everything it does.

Let us free people from discrimination based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Let’s end racism and fix holes in equality with feminist politics. We should also supports families with children in everyday life by reforming the parental leave system and adding flexibility into working life.

We must secure everyone’s livelihood and freedom by implementing universal basic income of 600 euros. Basic income allows for smoother transitions in changing life situations, like moving between working life, entrepreneurship, studies and parental leave. At the same times we have to renew work to be fairer. We can raise employment rates by supporting people instead of punishing them.

Every Finn must be secured quality public services that will protect people throughout their lives. We have to say a strict no to private health business. Investing in mental health services is extremely important. Every young person must have the possibility to have hobbies.

That’s why
– Universal basic income of 600 euros is needed to secure everyone livelihood and freedom
– We have to remove inequal structures by the means of feminist politics and ban racist institutions by criminal law
– We have to invest in mental health, families with children and hobbies for young people


Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Email: jaakko.mustakallio(a)vihreat.fi