My campaign agenda for Tampere municipal elections 2021

  1. Immediate access to therapy and mental health services

The queues to mental health services have only got longer during the COVID pandemic. Mental health services need to finally be available to everyone. We need guaranteed access to therapy in a month’s time from applying for the services. I have submitted various initiatives regarding this and I want to continue my good work for better mental health in Tampere.

  1. More tracks and nature trails

Tackling the climate crisis and biodiversity loss does not mean a less pleasant city. On the contrary – daily life goes well and nature is better preserved by creating a wide local tram and commuter train network and building proper bike lanes. I want cherry trees in the parks and to better preserve the woods owned by the city. Tampere also deserves a national park at the Kintulammi area – hiking and camping are great possibilities for tourism in the city. 

  1. Better education, more jobs and businesses

Future experts solve future problems. The foundation for future experts to succeed is equal, high-quality education. Well functioning city also enables all kinds of companies to prosper, from start-ups to large international businesses. Tampereans need to have the possibility to study, spread their wings and succeed here in Tampere.

I am an active councilman and applying for the third term.
My campaign motto is: A rolling stone gathers no moss

Who am I?

I’m a 33-year-old politician and societal communications specialist from Tampere with a Master’s in Economic Sciences. 

I’m running for my third term in the City Council in the 2021 municipal elections. The wellbeing of citizens and nature is of major importance to me. I want to improve Tampere for both its residents and its urban environment. In the coming term, I want to especially work for mental health, environment and justice.

My friends and colleagues have described me with the following:

TRUSTWORTHY “You can count on Jaakko to take care!”

ACHIEVING “Jaakko has the diligence, hardiness, will and know-how to create a better world”

VISIONARY “Jaakko doesn’t stay still, he is someone who actively seeks to improve and create, his eye is on the future”




In the City Council, I have been one of the most active members by leaving dozens of initiatives, for example:

  • Improving mental health services by guaranteeing brief therapy to everyone without a referral (Terapiatakuu, immediate access to therapy)
  • Organizing mental health first aid courses in schools (happened in 2020)
  • Revitalizing the Tammelantori square and widening the opening hours of its marketplace
  • Founding a cherry tree park in Tampere
  • Creating the Ilmastovahti, a website that visualizes the climate policies of Tampere (happened in 2020, https://ilmastovahti.tampere.fi/)
  • Offering a vegetarian option alongside non-vegetarian food at every school in Tampere (happened in 2019)
  • Founding a nature conservation area in the Hervanta-Makkarajärvi-Viitasenperä region (happened in 2019)
  • Creating the “Tampere – Most Student Friendly City in Finland” program (happened in 2014)

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

Tel: +358 45 652 0589
Email: jaakko.mustakallio(a)vihreat.fi